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All over this nation there are people taking care of business and making a positive impact on our world at the same time. We call these people our changemakers. They do good like its their job.

Veronika Scott

Detroit, Michigan

Social entrepreneur phenom Veronika Scott has a coat that just may change homelessness forever in Detroit and around the world. Don't miss this coverage.

Phil Cooley

Detroit, Michigan

Not-shy-at-all former model Phil Cooley takes us on a Pony Ride.

Courtney Spence

Austin, Texas

Forget LOLcats and mindless status updates, this trailblazer is out to change new media for good

Jerry Paffendorf

Detroit, Michigan

Jerry wants buy up all the foreclosed properties in the Detroit so "the people" can decide what the next Detroit will be. Oh, and also, he wants to erect a statue of Robocop.

Dan Morrison

Fredericksburg, Virginia

This intrepid traveler is on a mission to make each of a philanthropist. Find out how from this good citizen.

Alex Pappas

Austin, TX

Alex is the designer-cum-educator, motorcycle restoring, traveling co-founder of HourSchool, an organization that is changing the way you get schooled.

Mason Arnold

Austin, Texas

Meet this organic pioneer and founder of as he gets down to business (and his undies) down on the farm.

Steve Wanta

Austin, Texas

Meet Austin's Chief of Changemakers, Guru of Good, Dr. Do Right... we could on.